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Word on the Street

I worked with Yasmin on the GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD and have completed several losses with her. The steps are easy to follow and having Yasmin to listen is hugely supportive and healing. I feel physically lighter, more at peace and I don’t get the jolt of physical reaction that was previously so heavy to carry around with me. As a result the completions have allowed me to do more, be more and add more to my own life and those of others I care about. I feel like I have shed my excess baggage and can fill the void with more positive things.


After my 2-hour treatment (NLP, EFT, REIKI & DOWSING ), I left asking myself did I feel any different.......... went on to the office handled a meeting with my boss so much more in charge I was amazed. When I got home I felt completely laid back and relaxed - nothing mattered. The same the next day - it was amazing. I think the biggest revelation was that everything I had been hanging onto had gone - 'blown away'. Thank you ever so much you are a life saver.


I had been waiting over 12 months for counselling on the NHS before contacting Yasmin. She put me at ease straight away and talked me through the GRIEF RECOVERY PROCESS.
 I liked how there were small steps to do myself between the sessions and I feel a massive difference now

I have completed some of my losses and have the tools to go on and complete the others.

Yasmin was fab and I would really recommend her and this process.


I had a TAROT READING with Yasmin and it has definitely helped settle some mixed emotions
I was experiencing.
Thank you so much!


I had ANGELIC REIKI from Yasmin which was a gift from a friend, I felt such incredible warmth and peace that I cannot say I’ve ever experienced before.


After experiencing “bad” energy and change of behaviour in my family.
I sought Yasmin’s advice and she did A REMOTE CLEANSING on me and my property…
the difference was immediate, it was like someone had washed away all the negativity…a much happier house thank you Yasmin!


After 4 REIKI MASSAGES on a weekly basis, my epileptic fits stopped.
I was having up to 90 each night. I continue to have monthly REIKI MASSAGES with Yasmin which make me feel very relaxed but so much more important is that I have not had any more fits and have subsequently reduced my medication.


Yasmin thank you for the MAGICAL SOUND BATH, I’ve never experienced anything like it!  The gongs seem to take me into a space where I just floated, free from everything and the chimes made me think angels were around.  I loved it.


I visited Yasmin for a no hands COLON MASSAGE as I have had trouble for many years with my bowels.
It really does work, I had to rely on laxatives on a regular basis and now I am completely free of them.

Marcia R

Whenever I need any kind of stress relief I visit Yasmin. I come out with instant karma and relief. Her warmth and sincerity transcend through every muscle and tissue of my body whether it is MASSAGE, REIKI, COLOUR or CRYSTALS and stays with me for a very long time after the session. I have never felt like this before and have had treatments all over the world.
Thank so much.


When I originally learned about  CRYSTAL REIKI, I was something of a cynic but one treatment and that all changed. I regularly visited Yasmin for  CRYSTAL TREATMENTS and felt a rebalance and calmness in my life as a result. Latterly Yasmin trained me in REIKI as I have now left the UK and couldn’t imagine life without Reiki - so I am treating myself and have learnt to treat others.
Reiki is a life changing experience and I would highly recommend it.


I experienced REIKI DRUMMING for the first time and went on a journey to recapture parts of myself that had been fragmented.
Thanks Yasmin for helping me to get them back and feel whole again.


I recently experienced REFLEXOLOGY for the first time and was totally impressed. Not only was everything explained to me the treatment was brilliant, I Don’t know why I haven’t tried it before.


Yasmin's NO-HANDS MASSAGE helps to relieve the tension I have in my shoulders, neck and lower back. After a massage, I feel I have much more movement in my spine and feel lighter in mood too.
I always look forward to the next treatment.

Diane A

This is a very clear structured process that gets to the core of the problems. THE GRIEF RECOVERY PROCESS  enables you to support your broken heart to heal.

The difference I feel is profound.

I feel very different about myself, more positive and whole.

 I recommend working with Yasmin.

She will guide you through the process so you can let go off the pain and make peace with the past.


Whoever thought tapping on the body would clear a phobia, I couldn’t believe it when my job announced that I would be travelling abroad too and I was just scared of flying, after seeing Yasmin and learning the tapping, EFT, I am free of that fear, highly recommend it!


Can’t believe how you changed me from feeling fed up to laughing at the end of the
The vibrations of the drum just blasted away my tension and the guided meditation just soothed my soul and the best of all the jamming we did with all the different instruments…my fav was the drum…made me laugh out loud.  A regular event in my diary now! Thanks Yasmin.


I had suffered with a problem in my ear for about 18 months, which was affecting my hearing quite considerable.
After many prescriptions and absolutely no improvement, I had decided that it was perhaps something I would ‘just have to live with’. I fortunately read an article about HOPI EAR CANDLES
and the gentle way in which they work. After a very professional and in-depth consultation with Yasmin, she felt that this treatment could be of some considerable benefit. In fact, after an extended course of treatment, the problem with my ear was perfectly resolved and my hearing restored.
Yasmin works in a very considered and thoughtful manner and is very honest about the level of expectation from any treatment she offers, and in this way, the therapies become a sense of teamwork between herself and her client, facilitating a more harmonious feeling of wellbeing.


Yasmin is a great teacher I enjoyed REIKI 1 and REIKI 2 with Yasmin, she’s so connected and inspirational.

I felt confident and relaxed during the courses.

I have also attended her dowsing course and booked colour reiki for September I cannot wait!!


This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Casey Johnson

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Robbie White

Yasmin worked with me on the GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD and we completed 2 major losses in my life. Firstly I loved how the method covers little steps with homework (heartwork) between sessions that make the experience so seamless and easy to understand. It was incredible how each step enabled you to see a clear pattern of how the grief came about. The process then takes you through to acceptance and closure like nothing I have ever come across. Yasmin has a huge heart and a skill for listening and empathising and this enabled me to really get to the root of my grief. Both recoveries have left me in a very calm place and no longer weighed down by sad thoughts and reactions. I feel lighter and far more in control of understanding my thoughts towards others. It is an incredible tool to have moving forward and I look forward to freeing myself up further with more recoveries. Literally life changing.


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